Getting Things Done with Evernote


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“An elephant never forgets.”  Somedays I wish that an elephant followed me because, in addition to the cuteness factor, my myriad lists crowd out space for remembering.  Thankfully that elephant does exist on my computers and mobile devices in the form of Evernote.

In learning to improve workflow this week in CEP 810, I was challenged by David Allen’s Ted Talk in which he described the impact of psychological bandwidth on creativity.  I wanted to explore a tool to help me easily write down my thoughts.  Since Evernote is a web-based tool and mobile app, I was drawn to this tool’s accessibility.  I could keep the same lists at school, at home, on the go… Wow!

I easily signed up for a free account, and created notebooks and notes.  I added the Evernote capture button to my browser to organize web information.  This ability to import and annotate articles, websites, and screenshots is a powerful tool for keeping track of internet resources. I found the phone app to be easy to navigate, and even added pictures from my camera roll to notebooks.

Evernote’s robust nature can be overwhelming, though. Thankfully many tutorials exist online, including this great introduction by Steve Dotto.

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